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New Business Owners Should Heed These Tips For Fiscal Assistance

Todd Katz


Launching your own business is a brave and bold venture. People of all backgrounds take this route when they’ve had enough of answering to bosses or talking about how they could run things a little bit better. After you’ve taken the time to flesh out the idea, invention or service you’d like to market to the public, then it’s time to start figuring out how you’re going to cover the costs of your operation. That’s right; you’ve got to spend more money before you can ever hope to earn any and therein lies the crux, according to Todd Katz of Quest Integrity. Putting your money where your mouth is, so to speak, is what separates those who are truly committed and the others who are all talk. Making it in the business world takes a bit of confidence, as well, so Katz has decided to offer a few tips regarding small business ventures and steps they can take to find initial funding. Katz is a knowledgeable financial executive so these tips come from decades of experience in positions of leadership.


– Lines of credit: If you’ve got a credit card, then you’ve got access to additional funds. Charging initial business expenses with your credit card is a common expenditure for business owners who are still looking to find their footing. As revenue increases, paying off the bills will become much easier.


Lighten the load: For many new business owners, this economic adventure will take up nearly all of their time and become a passion. That being said, it may be time to rid yourself of personal possessions of value that may be collecting dust in the attic or basement. Consider selling off such things to pay initial costs of your business before consistent revenue streams are discovered.


– Share the wealth: To make ends meet, you may need to network within your industry or find investors who are willing to help you out financially in exchange for a portion of profits or ownership of your company.

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